Dad Party

What is Dad Party?

Dad Party is an internet shock video and famous online artwork and is also known as '2 Trannies 1 Guy'. The piece shows a man having sex with two transsexuals. The looping song reference to making love 'like a man' clearly juxtaposes with content showing a man having sex with two transsexuals. Many have commented on the complexity of the video and the thought provoking content. It has been called "a thought-provoking and dynamic examination of life in the modern age" - and for good reason!

Dad Party has been compared to some of the most famous shock art videos on the internet including Suck Dude and Merry Holidays. If you enjoy this site, share it with your friends and discuss the themes examined in the work. I hope you enjoy Dad Party - do not try to recreate the video at home - the actors are trained professionals.

This is an Adults Only 18+ website.

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